Kolostrum International Enterprise Co., Ltd. là một trong những nhà sản xuất nổi tiếng, nhà cung cấp và xuất khẩu của Sữa Colostrum, với một nhà máy ở Taiwan. Với nhiều năm kinh nghiệm trong dòng làm, chúng tôi được biết đến với hiệu năng vượt trội của chúng tôi trong ngành công nghiệp. Chúng tôi đã giúp mình là một trong những thương hiệu hàng đầu trong Taiwan. Chúng tôi liên tục nâng cấp sản phẩm của chúng tôi để đáp ứng các tiêu chuẩn quốc tế. Chúng tôi tổ chức một đội ngũ các chuyên gia, cung cấp vào thời gian giao hàng với chất lượng cao. Sự chân thành của chúng tôi và công việc khó khăn đã giúp chúng tôi phù hợp với chất lượng của chúng tôi với tiêu chuẩn quốc tế.

Giới thiệu

The Rise of the Brand as Loving you like a Family

General Manager Mr. Wu, Chun-Shen, the founder of "Kolorstrum International Enterprise Co., Ltd.", is a very kind person wearing glasses and keeping smile often. He was born in the small town of Guanshan in Taitung and is ranked the seventh, the youngest son in his family. The youngest son is a source of health and happiness for his mother!
The family was engaged in the business of a quilt shop before. The mother had been in and out of the cotton piles all the year round, hence she had contracted lung disease for a long time. The doctor said that she had suffered from pulmonary fibrosis which was not be cured by medicine. When she was helpless, the pastor in the church told that colostrum could be helpful to the treatment of lung diseases! After checking the literature from many sources for searching colostrum, it hoped that my mother’s severe lung disease could be saved. After taking it for not long, she had a big cough and coughed up a mass of thick phlegm with a lot of bloodshots which blood clots mixed with cotton wool, and then my mother’s condition improved greatly. She lived healthy to eighty-eight years old. Therefore, Mr. Wu hopes that more mothers and people can have healthy bodies through the health care of colostrums.
The high-profile products of "Kolorstrum International Enterprise Co., Ltd." are natural milk sources without pollution. The colostrum itself is rich in a large number of antibodies, growth factors, and immunoglobulin G, which have great nutritional value and protective effect on the human body. What even more touching is they have added precious elements such as soybean lecithin, intestinal probiotics, comprehensive nutrients from West Germany, calcium carbonate from Kansai, Japan, and other precious elements into the product regardless of cost. After use, it can be seen the double improvement of physical fitness and health!
In addition, the nutritional elements of bovine colostrums are combined with biotechnology which introduced into the nutritional and health food and the market for cosmetics and skin care products to provide comprehensive protection and health care for the body, the implement preventive medicine, and health medicine, so that is makes people healthy and happy.
Adhering to the business philosophy of "goodness-oriented" and the guarantee of excellent quality, "Kolorstrum International Enterprise Co., Ltd." not only passed the inspection of the national notary company, but also obtained the glory of Taiwan and the United States FDA dual certification! "Kolorstrum International Enterprise Co., Ltd." is a leader and model in the industry!
As loving you like family members as much, Mr. Wu started a joint venture with the encouragement and support of his wife Huang, Jing-Rou to create the brand "Kolorstrum International Enterprise Co., Ltd." where is based in Taiwan and entered the international market. It has become the most trusted brand in the minds of public.

General Manager Mr. Wu with his 87-year-old mother General Manager Mr. Wu with his 87-year-old mother

Words from the Founder

The phrase "Difficulty in starting a business" challenged the entrepreneurial path of "Kolorstrum International Enterprise Co., Ltd."! The market is full of high-priced, high-sugar content, added vegetable lipids, vegetable oil powder, creamer and other high-quality colostrum products of varying quality. Many fans do not know how to choose, and many consumers are daunted. How to make breakthroughs is a test of our wisdom and courage. With the strongest conviction, we make the best products, 100% free of sugar, without adding a drop of oil, any preservatives and artificial flavors. The super quality guarantee and the most affordable price make us confident to accept the challenge of the colostrum market!
With the phrase of "The sun rises from the beginning, and the frankincense nourishes and benefits people.", "Kolorstrum International Enterprise Co., Ltd." upholds the corporate purpose of making consumers healthy, happiness and joyful. It believes that the good reputation of "Kolorstrum International Enterprise Co., Ltd." will shine on the international stage in the near future!

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